Seventh Annual Suke Strong Foundation
Golf Tournament and Dinner Auction

2016 Letter

We are just four months away from the Fourth Annual Golf Tournament and Silent Auction to benefit Joan Sucher and the Fight Against ALS. We are looking forward to another great event at Bogey Hills Country Club on August 20. We hope that you can join us! Please find the registration form for golf and/or dinner as well as the donation form attached to this email.

As per her usual, Mom continues to be upbeat and positive in the face of her challenges. January 13, 2016 marked the third year anniversary of her diagnosis. All things considered, she continues to defy the odds. She is falling more than she would like to (or does) admit, is not driving anymore and has adopted a very fashionable brace on her right leg. Although it does not go well with upcoming summer shoe attire, it is doing its job keeping her upright. Mom and dad spend most of their time together taking care of business at home, sharing wine time and working in a grandchild’s game or two when her energy allows. Ali has now added a 5th schedule for them to monitor, so you can imagine the game choice is endless. They did sneak away for a long, slow drive to Florida to catch a few spring training games and a visit with her brother, Jerry. Most importantly, however, she is anxiously awaiting the birth of her 7th grandbaby. Baby Bullock should making her appearance imminently. Rumor has it that she is a third girl, but we are not completely convinced.

Although she struggles with eating, mom has decided to forego the feeding tube. She believes she has done well enough without it and is accepting of this progression. Sadly, this year marked the loss of many of her newly formed friends, who were also diagnosed with ALS at about the same time. Although they would never want her to feel guilty, the awareness of her relative strength has been challenging for her. Mom readily acknowledges that she has been blessed, is appreciative of what the moment holds and is honored to call these people her friends. She clearly understands what lies ahead and vows to live in honor of them.

Thank you all for your continued support, questions and positive thoughts. We are grateful for all of it. We are cognizant that each of us faces our own struggles. We can only hope that we are a source of strength for you as you have been for the Sucher family.

Hope to see you in August!

Craig and Becky Sucher
Bill and Kristen Friedel
Todd and Katie Bullock